Sep 20, 2017
84DaysWithout (All reviews)
You have to meet one of two criteria in order to find some value in this anime

1. Have a fetish for netorare, a phenomenon where the viewer is made to feel intense jealousy over a character cheating on their significant other

2. Are desperate for some sweet sweet yuri action regardless of the surrounding circumstances

If you meet neither this is probably the worst anime of the season by a mile. If you meet one or both it becomes tolerable

NTR has some of the best yuri scenes in recent memory. The girls are extremely attractive, one submissive the other domineering, and the two have great chemistry together

The level of netorare is tame compared to the extremes usually found in the genre. Turns out two girls banging each other is less emotionally jarring than cheating with someone of the opposite sex - in most cases a mutual friend. Instead we have a naive girl who got into a relationship not really understanding what it meant to date someone, and being pulled away by her best friend who she's probably loved all along. Her biggest fault here is not telling her boyfriend, Takeda, of what was happening behind his back. Not necessarily her swaying feelings itself.

I found the manga to be unbearable because it doesn't go anywhere but the anime at least tries to offer a somewhat of a conclusive ending. It's the better version of the two for sure.

The MAL score and reviews are correct, this is an incredibly trashy anime pandering to the lowest common denominator of hard dicked miscreants in the anime community, but one mans trash can another mans treasure and there's value to be had here if you meet the targeted audience.