Sep 18, 2017
Sidewinder51 (All reviews)
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Uncensored completely/ mostly depending on viewpoint of censorship.While it doesn't have a black line in terms of the episode 1 it is somewhat fuzzy instead of sharp.
Special Note: Cover shot is a mystery to me. I imagine that i have the answer behind this mystery but not 100 percent sure. While most cover shots that i know of come from moments in the show i think this one comes from behind the show. In other words, in episode 2 the dominate woman learned sex at some point. I think that cover shot is of her back then. As made clear by the collar on the neck.
Genre:Romance mainly with some light rape and comedy

-Not a show that sticks with the plot throughout the show. For each episode has their own different characters and plots. Which opens confusion to the viewer.
-Introductions in general are fair. Episode 1 was direct with the viewer while episode was more indirect in regard to background.
-twists or turns in plots are not what you would expect on a positive looking point. For it pleases to some regard both hardcore and soft-core fans.
-Endings change from slight comedy to slight romance.

Overall: This anime would have been better to watch if it wasn't finicky.