Sep 17, 2017
Bluemilk92 (All reviews)
After noticing that this show had no reviews, I felt weirdly obligated to watch it and take notes and write one. I've always tried to keep these short, so I'll do my best to give you the info you need to make a decision.

First, this show is, to 90% of the Anime community, a total dumpster fire. This is something that is only going to hold appeal to true Harem-disciples like me. Even then, this is where you turn after you've seen all the good stuff. If you're desperate for a new Harem show ("Oh how could you run out, aren't there a billion?") Bitch, I ran out, some of us do suck enough to pull it off. Those like me are going to be the only people with a reason to watch the show.

It really is as basic as it gets. Half of the first episode has the MC run from the left screen to the right, while screaming his head off. The introduction of our female characters, is essentially them professing love to our hero one by one while alone in empty rooms. The women then fail to repel a threat until our hero shows up and instantly saves them all, and single-handedly drives away the enemy. Awesome.

Here's the thing, it does actually follow through with what you expect from a Harem tag, which isn't always the case. Still, because it also tries to be an action show at the same time, it doesn't really pull off either. It's not until about 7 episodes in that we get actual conflict between the girls, over our MC.

It does spend some time developing our female characters, but it really is bare bones. They do just enough so that you can tell the difference, and maybe even pick a favorite.

As far as funny moments, there are only two that I can think of as genuinely funny. The action is passable, but it's often ruined by sub-par sound design. The hits and explosions kind of fall flat, you don't really feel any impact.

So, should you watch this show? Well, it's as cookie-cutter as a show can get, and I'm talking plain sugar cookies. Still, I like cookies, and if you've eaten everything else on the table, this show is at least edible.