Sep 17, 2017
SovietWeeb (All reviews)

So i'm gonna start by saying i was looking forward to this. The description sounded really interesting and unique.

While it is a good story, It didn't meet my expectations. It falls short on a couple subjects that i was expecting/Wanting.

Let's start out by saying this first. This is the same author who made Tsurezure Children So you will find things in common such as art/Humor/Dialogue. This doesn't take away from anything. Especially sense i like the Art/Humor/Dialogue of Tsurezure Children.

Grievances :
Now here is where the bad parts come in. I was really kind of expecting a story centering on the fact that the person everyone thinks is a boy is actually a girl and how peoples emotions get mixed up. While it does do this. It isn't like i was expecting. I came in thinking that this is gonna be a story of how a female who has liked males all her life starts to get feelings for the females that have a crush on her cause they think shes a boy. But the story doesn't really do this. It just has one obvious love interest and that's about it.

I was was wanting something like that so we could see how the female character starts to feel more attracted to girls than boys because of how people think of her. In the end we would get a female confessing to her. Then have the MC reveal that they are in fact a girl. Then have the relationship be iffy and finally have them both realize they like each other.

The characters :
I can not remember the names for all of them besides the MC.
Boy= Obvious love interest that is an alright character but not something you'd want as the love interest.

Shy girl = She is one of the best characters in the story in my honest opinion. She is attractive and everything but she doesn't have any real friends from lack of social skill. She is also one of the characters i ship with the MC the most.

Vanity girl = She is one of the least likable in my opinion. She isn't really that relevant to the story. Her gimmick is that she is in love with her self and that she also likes one of the fellow females in the story the Delinquent girl.

Delinquent girl = Is one of my favorites in the entire story. Probably cause she reminds me so much of Ryouko Kaji from Tsurezure Children. She is one of my favorite in that story and has for the most part the same character design. Except in this she is like Ryouko mixed with Oga from Beelzebub

Country girl = This is the second most annoying girl. She isn't really bad or anything. It's just she gets to much screen time for someone not that interesting. Her gimmick is that she isn't from the city and that she isn't used to city life.

Over all i'd say Shy girl and Delinquent girl our my favorite. In fact i'd actually ship them together more. I'd find that a fun and interesting story or someone who is shy and not sociable being in love with a Delinquent girl who is more surprised by the fact her first person to confess to her is a girl let alone someone shy and top of the class. The Shy girl is also the only one able to make the Delinquent girl be flustered and not know how to react in front of her. You could even switch it around so it's the Delinquent confessing to the shy girl.

But in the end the story is fun and a good read. It just wasn't what i was expecting sadly.