Sep 17, 2017
melodyvonshewk (All reviews)
This might be a weird rating for a shounen-ai, but honestly I love this manga to death.

After having read seven days (I'm pretty sure you know it, it's very good and popular) I wanted to read something similar, something with a period of over some months or weeks and amazing character development. I wanted something light hearted, meaning: No loose plot threads, not much drama and overall giving me a cozy, fuzzy feeling.

Is this manga, just as I described above?

The answer is: Yes. This was recommended to me by a friend of mine, and I promise you, it will not disappoint.

Story: 8/10

The story/plot was good when put into execution. It starts off with our protagonist, who is having trouble affording a place to live. The place he moves into was recommended to him by a friend and later moves in and meets his love interest. Honestly, the story got off to a rough start, with both the main protagonists having a shaky relationship to begin with, but the author came through. She manged to create a wonderful relationship with the two as time progressed. In the end, everything about the story amazed me, sometimes it was predictable but overall amazing.

Art: 9/10

Shounen-ai and yaoi manga usually have alright art, but sensei's art was amazing. The emotions characters felt, their feelings were portrayed on their face wonderfully. Though, sometimes it looked not much work was put into the backgrounds, but it didn't distract me from reading further on. You can see how her art progresses as she draws further on. Over all, I enjoyed the art a lot, even if some faults were found here and there. But, sensei never messed up the characters faces or anything, unlike in many other manga.
No characters (or 'random' characters) were drawn effortlessly.

Characters: 9/10
I loved the characters. In fact, they were who I enjoyed most. The supporting characters are nice, they share their own little story where they're together. In the end, I think it was really good how they bonded, how they changed and how supporting other characters were, and how they all were somehow, strict and laid-back at the same time. They were truly amazing.

Lastly, enjoyment and overall: 8/10

I recommend this to all fujoshis and fundanshis and even people who think they might not enjoy yaoi. This was overall a nice, average manga. It was a real treat to read. I loved it, and it's definitely re-read for sure.