Sep 15, 2017
MondoX (All reviews)
How do I explain Chihou Kishi Hans no Junan? I figured it would be easy to write a review of this manga, but it is harder than I thought. If I describe it like similar stories with fantasy and transported to another world elements, it will not do it justice. The mc, Hans, would more likely be an NPC in similar stories. While the strong people from another world would be the main characters, or they would be the antagonist trying to bully the NPCs. However, in this story the town and the Japanese get along, and are trying to cope with being able to survive in a new world. The mc and the town try to help the Japanese as much as they can, and vice-versa. Also, Orcs, goblins, and other beasts have a certain role in these types of stories, but not here. For the most part, it is slice-of-life comedy, but war seems to be looming nearby.
Most of the characters so far are awesome. The muscle-head glutton, Mitsuba, which Hans needs to constantly supervise. The not so bright OP Ken’ichi, that seems to attract the opposite sex, both human and non-human. The healer Kyoji that can sense whenever Ken’ichi is surrounded by woman, and hates him for it. The cook with an awesome background Koushirou. Rein also has an interesting story, but takes it too far with her obsession.
I used to like transported to another and game-like element stories, but most of them have become repetitive. Not all humans are good guys and not all non-humans are bad guys, or vice-versa, at least in this town. Most of the residents in the town want to protect their home, so they would have a common enemy, internally or externally.