Sep 14, 2017
Markrov_7 (All reviews)
First of all, this anime is absolutely underrated, the reason? Because people can not get past the 3 episode rule and because they can't pay enough attention to watching this anime; if you are wondering whether or not you should watch this anime then you should first ask yourself the following questions: 1) Do you like puzzles? 2) Do you like philosophical questions? 3) Do you like to eat your candies later? 4) Do you like to think a lot? 5) Can you think with other people's perspectives?
If your answer is yes to all of the above then I am sure you will find this anime very very interesting.
But for those who wish for a proper review, I will do my best to try and not give away any spoiler while also providing a proper review that this anime deserve.

Story: 9/10
It's hard to put into words as to what the story is all about, but the summary definitely does not do justice to what the story is going to be. To be frank, yes it is about having abilities and two people having abilities that compliment each other, but it is much deeper than that. Our MC will often utter some fairly deep philosophical questions or ideas that will either serve as the main plot towards the specific story that the show is currently on and those can also sometimes be the clue to solve a certain mystery within the show.
Be aware that the entire anime is separated with stories or I suppose "arcs" which the plot will present a problem and our main characters are going to solve it, each of these "arcs" varies in length, but they are within the range of 2-5 per arc.
An important note to be taken here is that there will be no fan service at all within this anime, you will not see boobs or panties or guys ran into a girl who just came out of a shower of that sort.
Another side note here is that be sure to pay attention to the first 3 episodes of the show as they are the most important 3 episodes of this anime, it sets the story up, it gives you all the information you need before hopping on this train ride of ideals, philosophies, emotions, and mysteries.

Art: 9/10
Not an expert when it comes to art, but it is what you would expect from a 2017 anime adaptation.

Sound: 9/10
Also not an expert in this area, I just find the background music, the opening, and ending compliments the show and brought out what it is all about.

Character: 10/10
This is the part that drives most people from the show and if you are wondering why I still give it a 10/10 well, that is because they are wrong.
I am fairly certain that many comments stated their opinion about how the characters in this shows are all fairly robot like and exert no emotion, well they are dead wrong.
How so, you may ask, well all the secrets lie within the first 3 episodes where it will be explained to you, that is if you actually not skipped anything and sat down and watched it and understand what is going on.
You may ask, "but does that mean all the characters will stay robot like?" the answer is no.
And yes the characters will show growth, but it's not growth that is apparent, it's very subtle, and it requires a huge amount of effort to pick up those small changes, which the majority of them lies within the dialogues between characters which many complained to be boring and lack of emotional responses. But again, they are dead wrong, there are emotions within the responses between each character, it all lies within those choices of words, and the characters are designed to carefully choose their words as to slowly show their growth. The characters are all very intelligent and that is why they may all seem very robot like but no, they are not robots, they are still humans and have lots of emotion that they just express very subtle and mostly with words.

Enjoyment: 8/10
Too much puzzle and ideals and philosophy for my brains to be honest, but it was fun, and it was good.

So summing it up, give it a try if you like what you have read, and try not to get bored out, this is a very adult-like anime, and very intelligent, so be prepared and know what you are going into, sometimes you have to watch an episode a couple times before you can fully understand what is going on, and sometimes you will feel the anxiety of wanting to know what happens next, and can not stop thinking about it, those are all part of this anime and what makes it so good, it challenges you to think and to make connections, so if you like those things, please do not be sway by the other comments and be sure to give it a try, I am sure it will grab your heart just like it grabbed mine.