Sep 14, 2017
AkatzukiLeadeR (All reviews)
Well, i'm close to the end of this Anime. Only 1 episode left.
What can i say about this one?
The first Episode was promising and good. After this one the story needs a bit to get to the action. Sometimes i was feeling... Why did i saw now 12 minutes of just nonsense talking. But it was worth at the end. At the middle of the episodes the Anime just gets better and better. I'm must say that the sound is incredible. I never saw an anime with such a great sound tbh.
I'm now at the last episodes and i don't want to spoiler, but it will just blow your mind and it made me actually, that i put Re: Creators at 1st place for my best Animes of all time.
I actually can't wait for the last episode and i can only recommend it, that you watch it to the end. It will change and it is worth.