Sep 14, 2017
The_Erien (All reviews)
"If the good people stay alive, the world would be that much better." - Episode 9

Just sharing some info on this anime because it's so underrated. This anime definitely deserves more love and attention. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Do not be fooled by the cutesy sparkly cover art and anime art πŸ’–. They are cute and sparkly, but they really do touch on pretty deep subjects pertaining to discrimination (be it sexism/racism) and human nature (including religion, superstitions etc.). It actually saddens me quite a bit comparing their universe to ours....

I also love the techniques and subtlety they used to deliver such heavy message but still managing to keep it lighthearted. If you've been fighting for justice be it against racism, sexism or any other kind of discrimination, you would be delighted to know that's this anime does an awesome job pointing out the flaws in our society while still having the show be entertaining.

Definitely one of the best anime so far when it comes to morality and human nature. πŸ’–

Also, the best anime for this season in my opinion. πŸ’–