Sep 13, 2017
HereticHunter (All reviews)
Don't let the scores this show received on previews deceive you. this show is actually a Hidden gem among all the anime between this and spring season. is sad that this show received such a harsh treatment from many people with different opinions, like the show being slow, emotionless, boring, uninteresting, etc. but when it comes to its own merits, Sakurada Reset shines for being an Anime that does things well, yeah that's right, you won't see that many anime having a great plot without forgetting things they said and then doing otherwise. in Sakurada Reset case, it manages to stick to its own Idea and expand it and manages to explain at least almost everything within time, the main problem is that the first half is a bit slow and the characters lacks a bit of emotions (well that's a kuudere for you) yet, that "main problem" is called development and slow pace, so that pretty much sums up for the things that scared people away, because its seen everywhere, you will see inpatient people that wants things to be fast, but when they get their explanation they either call it bullshit or probably gave up on the show a while ago. it makes me think that they would insta drop a long run Anime of more than 100 episodes just because the main character doesn't develop like they wanted in 4 episodes. even tho that some of these anime that goes further than 200 might end up sucking or transforming into the Dragon Ball formula of seeing who has the biggest dick. but judging an anime within the first episodes of a show that has more than 12 episodes is just plain nonsense, there are special cases where it can be right to bash over an anime in the beginning, for example a Generic Anime that you would know from the very beginning how will it end. but we are not here to talk about when to or when to not give up on a show so lets get started. there might be spoilers ahead, better be warned than get spoiled.

TL;DR: Overall Section

Story: The story of this anime happens on a City that goes by the name of Sakurada, which is special because the habitants of Sakurada has
supernatural abilities, and very unique ones I must say, at least, there are somes that I consider unique. now, if people leaves the town of
Sakurada, they will forget that they had an ability and everything related to abilities inside of Sakurada. (even though it might seem otherwise, this has an explanation)

We get to meet our main Characters: Asai Kei, Haruki Misora and Sumire Souma. they have powers that may be great if the three of them worked together, Asai Kei has the power of remember everything he sees and hear, Haruki Misora has the power to get back in time to a point where she saved. her power has some restrictions: she has to "save" a "moment" in time, once she reset, she is not able to save again unless 24 hours has passed from the last save point (preventing you from abusing this power) and in order to reset, she used to activate her power when she saw someone crying, but this changes later on. and we have Sumire Souma, her ability is a bit painful actually, since she can foresight things that might happen. by using this power, she made Kei and Misora meet each other, because she knew that they would make a good team/couple, mostly because Misora will not remember anything when she resets, she and every Sakurada Reset ability user that isn't Kei (and other exceptions), this way Kei would be the master key in order to fix the problem that made Misora reset. but even knowing what was the problem, that doesn't mean it will be easy to fix.

on the first half our duo will help people in need while they find answers on why Souma Died, they also will try to find more about them as persons (because them being almost emotionless, were one of the reasons why people gave up on this show so easily) this while confronting other ability users (I can feel the Influence of JoJo on this anime by the hands of David Productions, there are abilities that reminds me of some parts of the JoJo series) now, on the second half, is where this show goes all in revealing most of Sakurada's secrets, developing their characters on a really great way while solving certain cases that are very philosophical (one of the strongest things on this anime) as you might have noticed this anime requires very deep thinking, otherwise you would feel very lost if you don't pay attention. Because of how great Sakurada Reset manages to pull all together within the 2nd half and how great it manages to develop everything at the end, I'll give story an score of: 8.5/10

I'll combine Art and the Soundtrack into one section since there isn't much to say here. The animation is quite good overall, there are scenes that has a really deep impact while having a good harmony with the soundtrack, the show successfully manages to give you the right atmosphere on certain scenes that manages to hook you even more, mostly on the second half. tho it is completely worth it because involves the characters while they are developing and showing how worth their development is. so for Art and Soundtrack, both goes by the score of: 8/10

Lets head into one of the strongest things on this anime, the Characters. Even if they show themselves quite emotionless, they manage to develop really well in a very surprising way. they start getting more emotional within time while dealing with very philosophical and psychological events that will help them understand more about themselves, the story of Sakurada and the ability users. Asai Kei is a Mastermind when it comes to plans, even if his development sacrifices the development of the other characters (this since the resets of Misora will erase the development of the other characters that aren't Kei) he manages to go 7 steps ahead of everyone, he never ceases to amaze me when it comes to his risky but successful plans. Certainly, I wouldn't want him as a Villain, would be as smart as Aizen from Bleach. the other characters are still good, they will still develop, even if their progress get reset'd a couple of times. at least that development doesn't go to trash like for example in re:zero, where Subaru instead of growing into the right side, he lost his mind and pretty much destroys any development of everyone and himself (that until a blue haired person that I don't remember gets him some doses of "Ubicatex" (this is a spanish play word that means "snap out of it") so for the great development of these characters and their events, I'll give the characters
a Score of: 9.5/10

as for Enjoyment, if you aren't into a slow paced story with characters that will develop quite slowly, this show certainly might not be for you. but if you are patient enough, certainly this anime will keep you hooked and will reward those that sticks to the end. The more weeks I spent waiting for this show, the more worth it became. so within all that this show had to offer, my Enjoyment will be a score of: 10/10

Overall 8.8/10 (9): an Anime that rewards those that explores deeply into the secrets this show has, Characters that develop greatly, and events that will keep you hooked with Philosophical and psychological touchs. quite underrated and overlooked by unpatient people.