Sep 13, 2017
leaoviril (All reviews)
HunterxHunter is an anime that "deconstructs" well the genre Shounen, Togashi well managed to make a world full of limitations so that the solution of things did not arise as a magic pass or with power of friendship

Story 8
The first 15 episodes was very unoriginal, I forced myself to keep watching and not to drop, i found it kind of pointless that Gon start's the show with such average power being that he not received any differentiated training, But if you endure these things you will see more and more grandiose plots, chimera ants is one of the anime best Arc's of all time.

Art 8
Madhouse always doing a good job, no wonder it's my favorite studio, had moments I was anxious along with the character just by the visual effects

Sound 9
For those who have watched hundreds of animes like me, getting goose bumps only with a well-embedded soundtrack is not easy, HunterxHunter got it.

Character 10
Although I don't like Gon already start with a power stronger than others without having had a differentiated trainning, along the arc's you can follow the development of the 4 protagonists, you can see them getting stronger and discovering that the world is very large and they have a lot to learn, you can accompany a great development of support characters and villains too, and we also have Hisoka's, just a supporting character, but whenever it appears he steals the scene, he's funny, but at the same time sadistic, pervert and unpredictable, so unpredictable I do not know if a Classify him as an anti-hero or villain.

Enjoyment 9
I guess I don't need to talk so much anymore, I was patient and I was rewarded with one of the best animes of my life, the only thing I really hated was this hiatus, Come back Togashi :'(