Sep 13, 2017
Stark700 (All reviews)
Watching Hajimete no Gal is like consuming junk food of the worst kind. From the food fast menu, there’s McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, etc. Even among junks, there are sometimes decent ones that can be a guilty pleasure. Unfortunately, Hajimete no Gal is none of that and instead appeals as nothing short than garbage. Without a shadow of a doubt, I can safely say that upon finishing this series, it’s garbage behind comprehension.

First, let’s get to the more obvious. The show itself is based on a manga that hasn’t been out too long. (only 2 years in fact) It merely has four volumes and yet the producers decided to make this into an anime adaptation. That’s the least of problems though. The real problem begins with the cast of characters. At its core, there’s Junichi Hashibia, a second high school year boy who is an obvious virgin and wants a girlfriend. I can honestly confess that Junichi has some of the worst personalities you can find in anime that’s stitched together into one single entity. The guy has a perverted mind, often clueless about certain situations, and doesn’t seem to excel at anything. He also has some of the most pathetic friends at school and they are no better than him. The only thing that seems to be redeemable about his character is that he is loyal. That actually brings up his involvement with other female characters in the show.

From the cast of girls, we got a variety but the most easily noticeable is Yukana Yame. She’s a gyaru and often attracts the attention of guys and girl alike. Lady luck seems to be on Junichi’s side and Yukana actually decides to be Junichi’s girlfriend. However, their relationship is what I find pretty damn unappealing. Let’s face some facts here because they are nothing really alike. Yukana has school idol-like status while Junichi is a second rate loser. The two have different personalities and doesn’t seem compatible. While the show does give some convincing moments that they can co-exist as a couple, it still doesn’t change the fact that they don’t match. Their character chemistry has very dry humor that often begins from Junichi’s perverted mind or Yukana becoming jealous of other girls. Speaking of the others, the remaining character cast isn’t appealing either.

Nene is the typical childhood friend but instead of looking cute and innocent, the show decides to give her enormous boobs and an underage body. Not to mention, she has the personality of a child as she often tries to get Junichi to “ravage” her. Yui, the other school idol may seem like an elegant beauty at first. Yet, behind her pretty looks is a girl with a devious personality. Somehow, she believes everyone in the world loves her and she is their master. (well, that is except Junichi) Oh we can’t forget Ranko, the possessive close friend of Yukana. My first impression of her character is that she is an animal. Ranko is very aggressive and wants to protect her territory. In this case, it’s her friend Yukana. Unfortunately, it involves Junichi and the two ends up in some rather compromising positions. So there you have it. Our short yet controversial character cast. Now, if the show actually decided to focus more on characterization, then it would have some chance to salvage itself. Instead, it tries way too hard to appeal to their characters that results in questionable fetishes. I honestly felt uncomfortable watching this show because every episode seems to invite viewers to embrace their atrocious ideas.

The series’ storytelling is also pretty dreadful. The first few episodes aims at bringing out as much as fetishes as possible. The way it characterizes its female cast makes them look like sex objects. It seems all the guys in the show are perverted in some way or form with their personal desires. Each episode has moments that will show them, sometimes discretely if you pay attention. The overlay of the story seems to focus more on Junichi and Yukana’s relationships development. As I mentioned before, Junichi actually stays pretty loyal to his girlfriend and it’s even more surprising that Yukana is the most mature of the character cast. However, their relationship gets stale real fast. Nothing special really develops between them and instead relies far too much on sexual acts and teasing to do the work. If this show really decided to focus on relationships, at least move outside of Junichi and Yukana’s circle. Instead, the show overemphasizes on their relationship that itself is nothing but generic junk food.

Studio Naz adapts the animation although the visual quality itself is rather mediocre. The male characters look unremarkable with nothing that stands out from their looks. On the other hand, the female cast draws a lot of attention. Yukana is your gyaru girl and probably looks the most convincing compared to the others. The others all look pretty unrealistic. I mean, just look at Nene on that cover. Ranko is somehow allowed to dress like she’s half nude and enter school grounds without trouble. Yui looks normal on the surface but her other appearance looks like some teen idol character. And yes, it’s an ecchi show so expect tons and tons of fan service. The unavoidable beach episode, sexual positions, and lewd character expressions. You name it. It’s there. At many times, it seems the camera is having way too much fun with its angles.

The soundtrack and music will easily be forgettable as the most noticeable sounds of the show is when girls are moaning, yelling, etc. The OP and ED theme songs contains suggestive camera shots while the character voice mannerism all sound off beat. The only voice I can stand in this show is probably Yukana as she surprisingly sounds the most mature.

Hajimete no Gal is a show that I can’t really recommend to anyone unless you like junk and want to increase your watch-list. I mean, it’s only 10-episodes and it doesn’t take long to finish them all. You can even skip every scene that involves Junichi’s male friends as you wouldn’t miss a second of the plot. The plot itself is devoid of development and instead decides to puts its energy into the fan service. Rather than characterization, it decides to saturate them in the most sexual way possible. Hajimete no Gal is one of the very few shows that I gave a 2/10 this year and looking back, I probably won’t regret giving such a score. Oh but “why would you waste your time watching this in the first place, Stark?” Honestly, I wanted to see if this show can ever become better than the manga but unfortunately, that’s a distant memory now. This show is junk food and you can easily toss it into the trash after you’re done.