Sep 13, 2017
captainrivaini (All reviews)
I'll just put this here: I've only recently just gotten into anime. I don't know all the typical jargon and what have you, so I'll just give an honest review as I can.


The story could have been better and I'd have rated it higher if they had just allowed the characters stories to flow naturally. Instead what you have is a story that had great potential crammed into 12 short episodes. And it simply wasn't enough. While the whole idea of the story intrigued me (what isn't intriguing about a virtual world and its effects on real life?) the reality that I was given left me feeling bitter.

I don't want to fall into the same misogynistic feelings thrown at Snow White and I understood WHY she wasn't involved in the bloodbath it all led to, yet I still felt zero remorse for what happened to her. I just didn't care? Characters like Top Speed, Ruler, Sister Nana, etc were all painted as victims in their real lives, some way or another. Snow White doesn't have the same background as either and yet her survival whilst the others died just seems so...ugh. It's hard to describe. It feels as though they were meant to die in the first place because of their use of physical strength versus Snow White's lack of physical strength. It felt wrong to me and to be frank, I felt that the 'main' protagonist should have been Ripple and Snow White to not even be included.

A lot of it just felt very rushed and in the end, predictable. The characters who were to die would get their back story in a few, simple flashes and that would be it. It left me feeling hollow and not in a good way. Like many have said on here already, the anime gave me something to do and it quenched my thirst to watch something but it didn't do much else. Characters were pushed aside for a plot that could barely keep itself together and it just wasn't as good as I expected it to be.

That's not to say the whole of it was bad, because it truly wasn't. The opening intro was fairly good (if somewhat spoilery) and I enjoyed the ending too. Again I say that the story, what little there was, wasn't awful and it definitely had potential. There was perhaps just too many characters to balance in the format that it was and it made some character's deaths feel overly cheap and unsatisfactory to watch. There were characters like Top Speed who I felt was really well done up until the moment of her death, which just left questions unanswered and not in a good way. The gore and suspense that was there kept me wanting to know more, but after the ending it just felt like a cop-out.

So overall, the potential of the series is what made it enjoyable to me, but was also what made it irritatingly disappointing too.