Sep 13, 2017
kokuborou (All reviews)
Shigatsu wa kimi no uso review

“We are musicians, let our journey begin” indeed this was a beautiful journey across 22 episodes of pure art from A1-pictures, a symphony about Youth!

As how many writers use their pen to put words on paper to create a masterpiece so our characters from Shigatsu they poured all of their soul and words into their own music. The story in Shigatsu focuses overall on youth, it presents many aspects such as dreams, motivations, determinations, love, failure ,indecisiveness, regret and finally the most important aspect of youth to make the impossible possible(achievements).

The story starts with our main character Arima who can’t play the piano anymore because of the childhood trauma that made him unable to hear the piano notes . As the story progresses he encounters many people from his past who indirectly or directly help him overcome step by step his trauma. The show gives a lot of importance to the traumatic events that influence many children from a young age through the slow and steady development of our main character Arima. It takes time and patience to overcome your “haunting” past that doesn’t let you move forward and do what you like in our mc case playing the piano was a punishment for him.

The characters are like music notes from a piano sheet . They have ups and downs like how the tempo changes in music from Andante(walking slow) to Allegro(joyful , at a fast pace). The female characters are the most outstanding from this anime especially Kaori and Tsubaki. These two pour all they have into helping our main character Arima across the anime, Kaori with her music and boldness and Tsubaki for being with Arima together all those years and supporting him in need and vice versa. I like how the characters support each other in need it makes you feel proud and good that you are a fellow human not a goddamn robot , it draws out your raw emotions and despite all of the difference between people it connects you on a emotional level and tears away your heart .

The dialogue is pure art , you can notice from the characters monologues and lines that the author put all of his soul and care in choosing the right words .Let’s take an example so you can understand what I mean:” "Just under four minutes... A performance lasting under four minutes... That's what made me a pianist."-(Igawa Emi). This quote is the embodiment of youth itself by that I mean the on spot decisions we make to achieve our innocent dreams we have as kids.

In Shigatsu each character has a story to tell about their youth experience , filled sometimes with regret and failure with frustration and improvement but also with joy and happiness , achievements all that matters in the end is that they have done everything and no one can blame them for being wrong or right because they were YOUNG. A good aspect of this show is that the characters remain impregnated into the memory of the viewers as good or bad characters.

Let’s talk about the music which is the most outstanding from this show and gives a lot of meaning to each character. We can say that music is everything for our characters , from their determination when they play , their face expression and frustration when they lose to a rival we can notice that. “There is no need for words anymore I poured all of my soul into the piano play; Let it ring! Let it ring! Let it ring!”.

Let’s not forget the visuals which were stunning and managed to translate the feels, atmosphere and raw emotions that our characters had during their performance on stage. A-1 pictures managed to use them in combination with the music and put on a worth praise performance, a colorful symphony that pleases the ears and eyes of its audience.

This show is damn motivational it manages to put a smile on your face after you had a hard day and feel down , it makes you work hard for your dream, it makes you get up from your seat and show the respect for the characters with a row of applause like in a live performance . A big role in this are the characters quotes and experiences :”We’re all afraid you know get up on stage. Maybe you’ll mess up. Maybe they’ll total reject you. Even so , you grit your teeth and get up on stage anyway. Something compels us.. moves us to play music”-(Kaori). FANTASTIC!

As any journey you start this one must end too, I have many other things to say in this review but this is enough I poured all of my thoughts and feels for this show which has a special place in my heart and I genuinely love it. “Will it reach you?” “I hope it did reach you” my thoughts about this show that I wrote.

“Music is Freedom!”
Overall 10/10.