Sep 13, 2017
Another (Anime) add (All reviews)
Moon_Watcher (All reviews)
I have very pleasant memories of this anime. As most of the modern animes under the 'horror' category rely heavily on blood and gore to condem fear into the viewer, I was very suprised by the first two episodes of the show which have heavy, thick atmosphere and good artstyle. The way the story unfolds in these two episodes is very pleasant and reminded me of "The Ring" (the book) by Koji Suzuki.
From then on the things started going downhill. The story started relaying on a scenes which could find themselves right in a B-grade horror movie. Still they weren't the main point of the plot and the atmosphere was still so good that I kept watching. I enjoyed most of it up until the 8th episode when the series started to lose most of the charm of the atmosphere that kept me going. From then the series was more or less mediocre experience with plot twists here and there that kept the plot going and relatively interesting.
Overall for me (I'm a fan of slower moving plots and atmospheric series) Another was a good anime with a solid plot, very enjoyable visuals, superb sound (I'm no critic, but the opening is very well done and suiting to the atmosphere of the anime to the point where I couldn't imagine another song being the OP) and rather good character development. I wouldn't rewatch it or say that is a must-watch but it is a rather succesful try at making a good horror anime.