Sep 12, 2017
Cleesus (All reviews)
Im not here to write a long winded review like so many before, honestly nothing about this show is worth that effort. Lets just saw, here I am again after watching another seasonal favorite that is once again, generically mediocre.

I honestly feel like I should just stop trying to figure out what people see in these type of brainless shows and accept that most of them are just bad.

One of the worse parts about this show is that it did start off interesting. I ignored somethings but found myself entertained with the whole plot surrounding Subaru and the Bowel Hunter and the insignia. This is the best part of the whole series which is sad since after about episode 3 its all forgotten and most of the characters present will never be seen again or have barely any screen time.

Afterwards this shitshow goes downhill pretty quickly and stays there.

The weakest parts of this show are is lack of story and its terrible characters. The way they handle romance was pretty bad too, not gonna get into the whole thing with Rem and Subaru and his retard decisions.

The main character might just be the worse one in the entire show. Subaru is pretty unlikable and annoying. On top of being stupid and whiney. Thats all I have to say