Sep 12, 2017
Pipe (All reviews)
"Who owns the McGuffin will control all the abilities in Sakurada" Don't worry, the McGuffin meaning is complicated, but at the end, we could understand it ... or not.

The weighted score and negative reviews scared a lot of the persons around. The complexity in the first episodes was the escape route for a lot of individuals. Gladly, I decided to continue with the story, and I am not disappointed.

I consider this story very complicated, and you need to pay extra attention to the details. That is the reason why at first in the building, several users complained about the pacing and the boredom.

The story. All the persons in a city (Sakurada or Sagrada) were born with some power. Kei Asai has a particular power, he can remember everything and with the help, Haruki Misura that can restore the time back to some days, work as a team to help the persons of the city with complicated matters and situations that affect their world. If a person leaves, the city will forget that has power, but it isn't the case of Kei. He can't forget anything.

In the development of the story, there are several changes, conspirations, situations, actions, a twist of the story, unexpected correlations, new powers, cats, etc. I decided not telling more because the most positive aspect of this animation is the story,

The characters. The complexity of each character is great. In this story, we don't have a generic nature. All of them are needed in a certain way to maintain the balance in the whole story. Each character has different powers, but not in the way that are OVERPOWERED. They have a single power that could affect the environment but needs the support of other characters to do it. In other words, a simple being can't alter the story. The personality of them is flawless. Each character has needs, and take decisions based on that needs, has doubts and ideas. The building of each person that appeared in the story could be complex, but it is in a right way. Each arc will affect a group of characters, but you need to pay attention to the details because in the next episodes all that information is going to be needed.

The art maybe is considered average. It is passable, and I am sure that the art group didn't care about it because they focused on the story.

The sound is good. All the ED (1, 2) and OP (1, 2) are good. However, I liked the first OP and the second ED. The sound mix is standard. They don't need a complex mix here, so they did good work.

Finally, I understand that the first episodes are complex. The story could seem tedious, but after some episodes, all start changing. We will know the reason for all the details. Sakurada is like Charlotte, and we won't understand what is happening until the end. If you like good stories that aren't predictable, then this anime is a good option. If you are seeking fights, several actions and excessive use of powers, then you should just skip it. This animation isn't for everyone.