Sep 7, 2017
Cleesus (All reviews)
After many years of watching anime I should already know how it goes with each years most hyped up Animes. Time and time again I watch them and are more or less disappointed with how they turned out.

Erased is definitely one of those anime"s. You can enjoy it, as long as you look pass the faults in the story and characters.

Mild Spoilers are ahead.

The story starts out with an unremarkable pizza boy main character who is doing nothing with his life. Shortly after we are introduced to his power, Revival, The power to turn back time.

The MC cant control this power all the way, it seems to happen during his most pressing moments aka plot device. During one of the revivals he is sent back 18 years into the past and this is when the story really gets interesting and where it also starts to fail.

The MC is put back into the body of his 10 year old self, but still has the mind of his 29 year old self and all his memories. So why does the MC almost immediately have the mental capacity of a 10 year old. He literally makes too many dumb decisions that I cant see a 29 year old making. Lift up the seat belt genius!

Why does one of his 10 year old friends have more smarts than a veteran private detective ?

A lot of moments in this anime are kinda hard for you to believe that a grown man is reacting to and that his child friends are also keeping up with. I mean someone literally gets divorced over a chocolate bar like what?? All these young lolis are in love with this grown ass man, why?

They threw child abuse in there with 0 explaination so you will feel sorry for the 29 year old pizza boys 10 year old gf, Kayo. (Kayo who repayed him in a messed up way RIP ship)

But lets skip all that, one of the biggests problems with this "Mystery" Thriller is the fact that the killer is no mystery at all. You find out who it is pretty much from episode 2 and you are correct! You are never fooled into believing anyone else is the killer besides Captain Obvious over there with the van full of candy killing kids. The thriller part fades almost completely away by the last couple of episodes so what are we left with?

The story/plot doesnt add up in many places and the fact that the person you hope will end up with the MC in the end, doesnt even end up with him. They kinda make up for it but meh.

Overall I enjoyed it but really the last 3 episodes really tanked the rating for me.