Sep 3, 2017
AnimeFan48 (All reviews)
this review will probably be a short one so here we go

Story: ill split this up with the A and B parts so here we go with that. the A part kinda starts out as a fantasy thing than i kinda goes to where everyone goes ice skating. Part B is where all the characters pretty much talk about there fortune and that's really all about the second part honestly.

Art: its the same as the anime if you liked the art like i did than you'll like it here.

Sound: the OP and ED come back also everyone else again both of them are pretty good for me.

Character: Io is the legit main male lead of the anime and well he is a pretty nice and good guy he is really oblivious to Tsumiki and what she does to him and what not otherwise hes a pretty chill character. Tsumiki is the legit female lead and well she has a thing for Io but she cant get her self to really say anything to him and also the fact she is a tsundere kinda hurts her with telling him as well overall shes a kinda shy character but really friendly unless you get on her side when you try to get to Io. Mayoi is a another lead character she is really the tech person of the anime so does a lot of ambitious stuff that be either creating stuff or saying stuff that ends up Tsumiki whaling on her (or just getting punched by Tsumiki) otherwise a pretty up and going character with jokes for sure. Hime is another lead she is well almost reminds me of Tsumiki but Hime is really scared of certain stuff and does get chronic nosebleeds as well otherwise a character who is shy and gets scared super easy about anything shes told as well. Sakaki is the last lead of this and well i don't personally know i to describe him he kinda reminds of Mayoi expect the fact hes not a tech persona and more just a wing man for Io does tend to get hurt a lot like Mayoi and does tend to crack a lot of jokes between Tsumiki and Io kinda like Mayoi as well otherwise a good character. (pretty much just copied and pasted this from my review of this anime sense they pretty much act the same).

Enjoyment: Things that i liked: the comedy in this was pretty good and also all characters still hold up to the anime as well. Things that i didn't like: the comedy wasn't as there as the anime but was also still decent also the fact that this was a OVA and not like a 13 episode but that's more of a nit pick than anything.

Overall: ill give this a 7 again the comedy was pretty good not as good as the anime but good enough and all the characters are still good here.