Sep 1, 2017
nopewhy (All reviews)
Just a review showing why I think this is not worth anyone's time. For whoever sees the anime and thinks the novel should be way better it is. But the anime is utter garbage and this only slightly better.
The WN and LN don't have any major differences so I read the both of them to some point and afterwards only the WN.

First of all the good stuff. So what's the good stuff? I guess that it is an isekai which is really popular right now and that is it!

Now towards the world building. The world is not really complex and gets slightly widened as the time goes on but stays relatively easy. No complicated relations between countries or groups and only a very basic system of magic.

The MC is some ridiculously lucky bland and uninteresting guy whom gets cheat powers granted buy god and a harem thrown after him.
While he has those powers he basically excels in nothing. A true master of the art is always better than him in their respective art but he still defeats everybody and everything with ease due to him being a legendary jack of all traits and his "unique" magic (s). He does not seem willing nor do I see him develop in the future.
On top of that he is a good guy with no redeeming features aside from being lucky.

On a side note: the smart phone is only another form of cheat.

Because this is an OP MC this should rather be funny instead of action oriented right? Not really. The start is a bit funny but as time passes it's just gets annoying. No funny puns, no funny tsukomis!

The female cast is not better. They are 1-dimensional beings whom fall for the MC for no apparent reason. The interactions seem often times forced and aside from a single characteristic they just like the MC are boring.

The writing style is not very good but also not bad either. Pretty basic and short sentences and therefore easy to understand (I guess in order to learn Japanese or if your English is not as good this should still be easy to understand).
Developments are not predictable in the long run but only due to his luck/fate that he seems to run into situation after situation for which he has just the right ability bringing him in better and better positions.

After all this ranting it feels like I rated this series too high but in all honesty after a couple chapters it becomes a boring read but if you don't use your brain all the time and turn it down a bit in order to read this it is just a bland story. Nothing that will make you smash your PC on the wall.
I heard that the story kicks in way later (in the hundredths of the WN) but I am of the opinion that I should not have to torment oneself for so long in order to get to the better part.