Aug 28, 2017
CamaradeLelouch (All reviews)
So, Sakamoto desu ga !

The story is really original, despite the fact there is tooo many anime in this category (school life, comedy, etc), and I have more and more difficulties to endear with characters, with all these anime, it gets boring, especially on 12 episodes. But it still funny and original !

Art is not really exceptionnal, animation is funny, and OK.

Opening is nice, and some musics are cool :)

Characters are funny and despite the fact that it's short, they are well built and there is an evolution during the anime.

Enjoyment is here lol, sakamoto is really funny, and he's always finds a solution, it's really cool and original xD

Finnaly I can say that's a cool anime which I advise you to watch if you want to laugh a bit, with an original anime, to change a bit than usual :p