Aug 26, 2017
Talon184 (All reviews)
This manga had some good potential. Due to its short run, however, it failed miserably. There were so many characters that you never got a sense for any of their personalities before they got killed off. I didn't even remember any of their names. It would have been much better with only 3 or 4 characters with more fleshed out personalities. The art was decent in some spots, but seemed frenetically rushed in others.

If you're in to survival anime storylines, then this one is worth a read just because it falls so neatly into the genre. If you're a completist like me (I have to read/see everything having to do with a topic/genre I enjoy) then it should definitely be on your list. If you only want to read the best stuff a genre has to offer then do yourself a favor and give this one a pass.

4/10 overall.