May 1, 2010
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"Can't really think too much of anything right now because I'm still reeling from Nujabes news...I'll try though.

Don't bother comparing it to Cowboy Bebop - it's inferior to CB. It's a nice series but nonessential. Fu is not Faye (don't even think about it) - fufufu. The ending was meh. If you try to compare it to CB; I'd say "Bang!"

No problem with beginners taking on this one. It's peopled by colorful characters and even more colorful palette. Being Manglobe, it's an eye candy. Some are saying the dubs are very good but I've only seen the subs." - TsukikageRan

"I really liked Samurai champloo because it had great animation a good storyline and some really good back n forth fights which a couple of times were like oh Sh**" - Redhydoken7

"what i have to say is the ending was a let down but the fights were good i have seen better but i have seen worse out there. Mugen was my favorite because of his non normal fighting style that is probably one of the best parts his fights weren't all run in head first sword clash, sword clash back off finishing blow." - dynamo_electron

"It was a good series, good drama, good action, unique style, and characters that are well developed and lovable. You can't really go wrong watching this series." - tigerz

"I'm still a compassionate fan after so long! Mostly, because it gave me the best impression of anything animated I ever saw back then. I just loved the weirdness of the main characters (i.e. I don't know anybody's last name) and the others like the painter, detective, old fisherman...the undead people. And I love Jin...I never liked an anime character that much before. D=
Oh and I actually liked the ending, since I can't really think of anything that I wished was changed." - zewho

"some "arcs" are interesting or funny, some "arcs" are terrible (*cough mushroom cough*).
It isn't a consistant anime. It has an average main plotline and average background stories. Storytelling was above average.
However, it does convey its own style through characters and music quite effectively. (Even though those characters and that style isn't the sort i like.)
Action was good too - reasonably fluid and somewhat realistic movements.

Essential? I wouldn't exactly say that, but if you've seen a decent amount of anime, it is highly recommended for you to watch it to appreciate its unique style and to some extent the animation.

Compared to cowboy bebop... well i'm not exactly a fan of cowboy bebop, so i preferred samurai champloo over it. But they are similar. They both use a genre of music rarely used in anime and convey their own style. They're also both inconsistant in that some parts are exceedingly entertaining (well... maybe not in bebop) while other parts are like applying chloroform to yourself. Samurai Champloo's characters are probably slightly more exaggerated than those in Cowboy Bebop.

I would also say that Samurai Champloo's popularity far exceeds its quality (though not as much as bebop)." - dxthegreat

"Aww helll naaaaw. The greatness of Bebop cannot be duplicated no matter how hard one tries. This anime said exactly one thing to me "I wanna be like Bebop."

If this came before Bebop, I probably would have liked it more. Think of it like this, there is a really awesome old brother who gets laid 24/7 and has lots of money, and there's the nerdy younger brother who still lives with his parents and has no friends." - LV69_Squirtle

"i hate to criticize but when you start to compare one anime to another you just can;t enjoy it as much. i watched samurai champloo before cowboy bebop. just ,my humble opinion though" - apocalipse369

"First of all, sorry for my english. -_-'

I really enjoyed this anime. There was an entertainment ,truly sad, awesome struggle and just beautiful moments. Champloo is very colourful and rhythmic. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. But story goes the way it should.
I love "Battlecry" and "How you feel" tracks ))

Comparing to Bebop, Champloo isn't better but... You know even thinking of Spike doing me so sad. Bebop more serious, more adult I guess." - freakylem

"Samurai Champloo became one of my favourite series when I watched it. I loved the characters (especially Jin:3) and the incredible action scenes among with the great animation. Storytelling was ok what I remember.. Also I payed attention to the funny, sometimes subtle facial expressions that the characters showed, just like in Cowboy Bebop.

The thing was, I actually didn't know that Bebop was Champloo's predecessor or something until after I had watched the series (meaning Champloo). So, I didn't end up comparing the series with one another while watching Champloo, which was a good thing. ^^

In my opinion, this series is a must-see at least for those who like anime with action and samurais.. I recommend this for beginners too ;)" - chibber

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