Aug 24, 2017
kassnicxo (All reviews)
okay, SO. Not the best anime's ive ever watched.

We start out completely thrown into a battle, and the main dude "Ibuki" the one who is supposed to be crowned king after his family's death must kill the ones close to him to protect the rest. LOL WHAT?? that is a terrible pretense, what a life of sadness and loneliness.

Next, we begin to meet all these new characters that are in search for the red dragon, who went "mad" and I dont even feel like it was that long of a time they were all together (perfect strangers at first) and yet they talk about all these "bonds" and stuff. LOL WHAT???

Ibuki, in the very beginning to save the ones he cared about had to kill Mashiro, who was apparently the closest person to him.. and then the next thign you know, these "new" Friends are suddenly also equivalent for sacrifice. LOL WHAT????

Literally, all i can say is LOL WHAT??? simply because I was lost, the story line had no structure, there were dragons, magic, seals, idk what else, ZOMBIES, WEIRD MONSTERS. yeah. idk. I just dont.