Apr 22, 2007
amaity (All reviews)
The 'Ghost in the Shell' movie was already a ground-breaking anime, inspiring such works as 'The Matrix' and 'Animatrix'; the TV series just takes it one step further.

Unlike the movie, the TV series focuses on Section 9 and their exploits rather than the deep philosophical quandaries presented in the movie. The over-arching storyline of "The Laughing Man" leaves you flabbergasted as it unfolds like a cherry blossom. Conspiracy and intrigue are the main strengths of the story where nothing is quite as it seems. Perhaps the only flaw are some of the convoluted dialogue that might put off someone who's looking for a typical no questions asked, "wham bam, thank you ma'am" kind of action anime. GiTS will make you think and recollect the minutest of details. The anime demands your full concentration and attention and makes you appreciate the complexity of the plot. Coupled with some superb action sequences with synchronous heart thumping music by Yoko Kanno, GiTS delivers a great experience.

The animation is as good as it gets, nothing less is expected from Studio I.G. It's a great improvement from the movie (then again the movie was made in 1995, almost 6 years before the TV series).

The first series neglects to really look at any of the characters in depth, except for "The Major" - the deus ex machina of the series. They remedy this in the second season (see my review for GiTS: SAC 2nd Gig). Unlike the Major in the movie or manga, this Major suffers neither from constant self doubt nor erratic behaviour. However, a little more character development for the other players would have been nice.

Don't put off this series because you didn't like the movie, this is a whole new ball game, as the cliche goes. Then again some of the more hardcore fans of the first movie believe that the TV series diluted the core philosophical issues and rather gunned for a audio-visual spectacle. There's nothing wrong with that I say, this is still one of the most captivating anime series I've seen. Highly recommended.