Aug 19, 2017
franciu (All reviews)
There are anime you can watch without knowing anything about them beforehand and there are others anime that, sadly, need you to do some more effort before you can actually enjoy them to the fullest. As crazy as that sounds, katsugeki touken ranbu is part of the latest group of anime. Theres no other way to put it: you need to read about the game or at least some summaries about what touken ranbu is before you can watch this series. Otherwise you'll find yourself confused about the swords, their purpose and everything that is going on in the episodes, tho not very much happened so far.
Like hanamaru, katsugeki was made for people who already know about touken ranbu OR want to know more about it.

STORY: 7/10
The story itself is pretty simple: history is getting f*cked up and swords who now have human bodies have the duty to fix it. Some episodes are slower than others, some might feel like being a little dragged on, but so far i feel like its very enjoyable (at least for the people who already know what kind of setting touken ranbu is, like i already said.). The little slice of life moments also make the anime very enjoyable and kinda reminds me of Hanamaru!

ART: 8/10
I must say at first i didnt really like it, but after some episodes i kinda grew attached to it. The characters look good and waaaay more better than the previous adaptation. Sometime the backgrounds look kinda... weird, but its not bothering me too much honestly. Overall i'd say the art fits the atmosphere and the characters well.

SOUND 7/10
I saw a huge fuss coming out because of the opening, some people like it, others hated it. Personally i really like it. It kinda gives me those epic-ish vibes i was expecting from this series, same goes for the ED (bless you kalafina, you are literal goddesses.). The ost itself doesnt sound too bad, but i'll need to listen to the full tracks more once it comes out to 100% enjoy it.

Here we go. Okay, so, how the characters are portrayed in katsugeki is totally different from how they were in hanamaru and how they are in-game. So what is the canon? You choose it. Playing the game made me like certain characters, and watching the 2 anime adaptations made me like some minor characters more. Personally, i love Tonbokiri because he's the sweetest guy around but Izuminokami and Mutsunokami (who's my starter in the game ah!) are also faves. Jiji is a reaaaaaally interesting character here in Katsugeki, i really like how they are portraying him. Anyway, theres PLENTY of characters for you to choose from, if you watch the series + read about them on the wikia i'm sure you'll end up loving two or even more. As for people saying the charas and the anime itself is fujoshibait... why don't you cater your attention on something else? Sure there might be some 'shippy' moments here and there, but those arent the main focus here. I can't really say the characters have extra deep personalities, but some of them are indeed interesting. I'd love for people who start the anime to not have their mind already set like 'It's gonna be bad anyway and the characters are just fujobait' because its not like this. Give these touken danshi a chance, c'mon.

Being already a fan of touken ranbu sure helped me enjoy more this (and Hanamaru). Maybe sometime its a liiittle bit slow and i wonder how they'll wrap things up, but i'm definitely liking it!

Katsugeki for me it's a solid 7/10. Not too good but not bad either. Maybe it'd be more of a 7.5 because i have to be honest and admit that there are things i REALLY like about it, but that probably arent enough for me to give it a full 8. Anyway i think a 7 is a fair score for Katsugeki and also well deserved! If the anime ends with too much of an open ending i hope we'll get a 2nd season to complete it.