Aug 16, 2017
Toast_Senpai (All reviews)
This manga may be short but it packs a delightful punch. Told from the perspective of a cat named Chobi, he is a stray picked up by a woman called Miyu and given a new home with her. This quick and simple read takes you on a slow ride through the seasons as Miyu and Chobi quietly live together. Because only Chobi's thoughts are shown, it provides another element to the story that isn't usually present. While we still get to see what Miyu says, we don't get a look inside her head and rely on Chobi to tell us his opinions of Miyu. It's a refreshing way to see a story, and any cat owner will be able to see some parallels to their own life. It's very down to earth, and no matter who reads this they will definitely find little bits that they can connect to. Take an hour out of your day and give this a read- you won't regret it.