Apr 28, 2010
G-Taste (Anime) add (All reviews)
Shadowind (All reviews)
If you like watching lesbian hentais, then you wil love this OVA.G-Taste tells a story that revolves around a women and how inexiperenced she is about her sexual urges and needs.

A Taste of Honey has three episodes one consist of an office assistant: Moe who is very, very senseitive. The other two episodes tell a story about a new maid named Nana Morimura who works at a new mansion with a horny maid and a dominative boss.

Heatwave says it all, this has two episodes one discusses the life of Ms. Sayaka a teacher who has has a traumatic past exiperence, now she can not control herself. The second consists of a girl named Misuzu who has a strong sexual appeal.

G-Taste has excellent Japanese dub is excellent the english is not bad (for once). The art and animation is amazing this is without a doubt a hot, sexy lesbian hentai.

I would give you more information but it will spoil the fun for you, but trust me G-Taste is worth watching, my overall score for this OVA is 9/10.