Aug 15, 2017
LegendAqua (All reviews)
"Inconsistencies in men are generally testimony to their immaturity."

Basically sums up Muteki Kanban Musume in a nutshell.

Muteki Kanban Musume is definitely one of those oddball slapstick action parody anime about a powerfully strong yet ditzy ramen delivery girl (just go with it) and her exploits in beating up her rivals and pissing off her mother in the process. By all accounts this kind of anime especially how each episode's skits have overarching plotlines that also spill into the continuity of it's latter episodes making this comedy anime a rare oddity, though it's in the realms of Shinryaku! Ika Musume style of skit-based story telling.

For characters, well start off with the titular character of Miki Onimaru voiced by Hitome Nabatame who is the most powerful ramen delivery girl in her shopping arcade, she has feuds with Megumi Kannzuki voiced by Ami Koshimizu a skewer-wielding bakery owner ojou who's on PAR with Miki for power levels thus their personal and business rivalry, Kankuro Nishiyama voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama for HIM wanting to fight Miki all the time and Toshiyuki voiced by Rokurou Naya who isn't in exactly good terms with Miki and is in similar power levels if not she considers Toshiyuki her biggest rival next to Megumi. The ONLY person to quell and stop Miki (and by extension any of Miki's rivals), happens to be Miki's own mother Makiko Onimaru voiced by Sayuri Sadaoka and she's kinda a badass in her own right to stop the psychotically uncontrollable fighting machine of Miki. Going a bit in depth with some of the sub-characters, LA actually REALLY likes Megumi to the point of favourites merely because even though she's a sneaky tactician-like character that wants nothing but Miki's downfall one way or another, she does have that side of her in which she's not "just" all that and she has some empathy in there.....ohh god it's gap moe all right but all the more that she's LA's favourite character. LA really didn't like Kankuro as a character, sure his contributions to many of skits are there and works to an extent and usually ends in the same way however with his verbal tic of ~nya got annoying very easily and VERY quickly (to point this out, because this anime's characters have NO INDOOR VOICES you can see why LA would get annoyed) and some of his skits were too predictable from journey to end (even if other characters contribute to his cause), the other character that LA kinda thought was annoying was Akihiko Ohta voiced by Yuuichi Nakamura the neighbor of Miki who owns a grocery, LA's problem with him is minor unlike LA's annoyances with Kankuro but LA just really didn't like his entire Sentai-a-la-Star Rangers scthick, LA "gets" why as he is the everyday badass and his strong sense of justice is a key feature to Akihiko HOWEVER, considering that we have Miki, Megumi and Toshiyuki AND Makiko who might as well be godly beasts comparing to Akihiko's (and by extension Kankuro) normal human power, BOTH Kankuro and Akihiko are essentially butt monkeys even if it's their respected skits and heck even the anime brings this up.

Even with the technical "useless fighter characters" in Muteki Kanban Musume, another factor is that Muteki Kanban Musume's use of character dynamics mainly in the line of "character with same motivations" allow even the most useless of characters to both have some presences, interact with other characters they wouldn't have during their initial appearances and not allow them to be turned into one-trick ponies (Again your circumstances will vary with Kankuro, but works brilliantly with say Miki and Megumi's interactions more), thus the dynamics between the rather minimalistic cast allows the comedy to be on the unpredictable or more so...the crazier side of things

Really the comedy of Muteki Kanban Musume lies in the absurdity as well as the immaturity of it's characters and how it stacks to makes the situation all the more crazier though predictability is kinda to be expected for the it got there however is entirely unpredictable and sometimes characters comes out of nowhere for their own goals just to add to it's unpredictability. Muteki Kanban Musume also delves into referential humor through it's several skits that kinda adds to the situation (eg. parodying the MGM logo intro, The Ring, Sailor Moon, Babe Ruth, Pinocchio and Jackie Chan's Drunken Master), this was an anime released in 2006 so why not?.

In terms of animation by Telecom Animation Film, the animation if anything is limited most of the times resorting to overexaggerated facial expressions and ball of fighting at times. The battles are kinda stiff at times but if it needs to show some fights with a bit of fighting choreography again, limited but still decent. The character designs are decent and memorable to say the least as most of the characters always have their signature costume (easily making Megumi and Miki recognizable). The backgrounding again though limited is decent as well. Really for Telecom Animation Film although it had limited resources they used it to decent effect is the best way to put the animation of Muteki Kanban Musume...not bad even for a crazy action parody anime THAT NEEDS the animation to pull through in order to make it work.

In terms of voice acting, well there are some welcome surprises most definitely being Hitome Nabatame voicing Miki as she's usually typecasted as the brooding loner type character with a tragic backstory, HERE...she's a ditzy psychotically powerful ramen delivery girl in a COMEDY ACTION's pretty much a rare playing against the type role for her. Ami Koshimizu as well gets this treatment as she voices a ego-centric backstabbing ojou, considering when Muteki Kanban Musume came out she wasn't typecasted as the badass lead heroine (a la Code Geass as Kallen Stadtfeld not one season after Muteki Kanban Musume was released) again it's a rare role for her to do. -sigh- LA will say this again but Nobuyuki Hiyama was annoying, LA doesn't hate the voice actor, LA just found Kankuro to be annoying that is all and his odd verbal tics compounded by this anime's characters having no indoor voices sealed Kankuro fate for LA. The only other mention would be Sayuri Sadaoka as Makiko, voicing a mother you DON'T wanna mess with as Sayuri did it GREAT...NO INDOOR VOICES AND ALL.

Muteki Kanban Musume does have a theme of immaturity being a downfall slipped within it's skits and this theme does show itself from time to time and is easily manifested in MANY of it's characters (Miki, Megumi, Kankuro and the obvious one from Akihiko) and this does add into the comedic potential this anime has and delivers and again compounding with referential humor reflecting that immaturity leads to downfall and for an anime within the comedy action parody actually makes sense in the grand scheme of things.

Muteki Kanban Musume is a crazy romp through some wildly crazy adventures of one ditzy ramen delivery girl and her exploits in beating up her rivals and screwing up her job time and again...sure it might be repetitive with some running gags (LA is looking at you Akihito's Star Rangers and Kankuro in general) but with it's brilliantly timed comedic execution and somewhat cleverly done thematic nature of immaturity in a comedy action PARODY makes this simple action parody anime into something much more that LA even thought it would be.

Pull your sleeves up...

Grab that ramen delivery box...

And go crazy...Miki would have wanted that.