Aug 15, 2017
GetterRin (All reviews)
This is the most "meh" thing ever, it's not really awful or anything, but it just has nothing going on for it. It doesn't offer anything new or interesting, might as well just watch any of the old Getter Robo and Mazinger TV series. I won't deny that at the very least it looks nice and while still obviously old, it doesn't feel too dated and hard to watch. But this is where my "praise" ends, there are no interesting or cool interactions between the casts, they already knew of each others existence so no introductions or maybe some sort of confusion and that ending in them fighting. I was surprised that this is even a movie, because it feels like a random episode. There is no real buildup or anything, them teaming up happened when there were less than 10 minutes left. The worst part is that it's not "versus", I still don't know why older shows do things like that where they put versus in the title, but instead of fighting with each other they always fight together. I don't even hate this, that's why I rate it with a 5 rather than something negative. It's just there, it does nothing interesting, but it doesn't make me annoyed or angry as well.