Apr 28, 2010
goszka (All reviews)
Story 8/10
The story is really great. Despite of containing all the motifs we are used to (affair with another lady which is fake, family problems, the characters ending up in stupid situations because instead of talking to each other they have sex ;-) it is ok. Mainly because of the setting - royal family, prince charming and an average girl.

EM has a cute and very precise style of her own; one may love it, the other hate it. I'm definitely in the first group. It's a tenner because of the fact that finally the characters don't look as in every other manga drawn by this author.

They're cute, well drawn but sadly cliche. the girl is shy, clumsy and inexperienced and never ever does she think twice before getting into another fishy situation. the guy is perverted, good-looking and mean, but as the action develops we discover (suprise suprise) that he is in fact kind-hearted and a cool bishie.

definitely fun to read. not too long. has a positive ending :-)

I recommend this to josei lovers, it's labelled shoujo but it has some josei in it:)