Apr 28, 2010
kajia (All reviews)
You know, before I watched any Dragon Ball Z, I often imagined how bad the franchise could be, given its less than favourable reputation. I decided to download some of the Dragon Ball Z movies partly out of curiosity and partly to watch something that wouldn't require much concentration when I'm eating dinner. This is the first one that I watched. Having seen it, I have to say it did not disappoint. In other words, it's as bad as what I was expecting and did indeed provide something to watch that require near zero concentration.

"Super Android 13" has lame jokes, bad voice acting, and worse of all, a storyline that could have been written by simpletons: Robots programmed to kill Goku. That's it. Seriously! It's a pretty poor effort even for an action film. There's practically no character development (or even characterisation) to speak of, and barely any dialogue, just continuous battling. But since it's an action anime, it would have been redeemable if the action is even half decent. Alas, it isn't. It's ridiculously unimaginative, and follows the usual hero keeps powering up till he wins patterns with impressive faithfulness. If there's anything that I hadn't seen before, it's the ultra-fast-exchange-of-blows style battles... but the movie used it so much (like 90% of the time) that by the time it finished I was already bored of it.

*sigh* I can see why this "movie" is only 45 minutes long. It would be hard to make anything longer than this with the kind of material that this anime has to work with.