Aug 12, 2017
Anfernee93 (All reviews)
To sum up the show in as few words as possible: Delightfully stupid.

Aho Girl is such a refresher for this season specifically as it does exactly what it is meant to do in the exact fashion it ought to be done. The show is a comedy all the way through and accomplishes it in, quite honestly, a stereotypical way but done right.

Story: 6
There really isn't much story to be had. It's a random act comedy that follows the daily shenanigans of our idiot MC. You get glimpses of flashbacks and memories but even those are often just comedic in nature as well.

Art: 6
The art is solid and consistent. You can tell that they are actually very aware of the budget they have but do quite well with it.

Sound: 6
The ED is forgettable to me but the OP is actually fairly catchy. The VA is solid, a little over the top at times but I feel that's what they aimed for. I can't recall any background music but the occasional sound effects for the actions of characters is also spot on.

Character: 7
Albeit being stereotypical the characters are almost so far down the line that they actually become likable again. The idiot, free spirit MC, her smart, stoic childhood friend, the all around slightly above average friend, the pervert morals committee member, etc...They have all the typical roles filled but, as I said, they take that extra leap further and actually make them funny and enjoyable.

Enjoyment: 9
I finished the first episode and had one of those "Ahh...Wtf did I just watch?" moments. However it was not in the bad range of those emotions at all. I knew that I had found a nice little treat because I had laughed the entire way through and it had ended before I realized it. Having shortened episodes is a bummer but it suits the series very well. I'm happy the comedy has continued episode to episode as well. A very nice show to pass the time.

Overall: 8
For what it is, Aho Girl is great. The type of comedy that actually makes you laugh loudly in your room at 3 A.M without feeling any sense of guilt for those around you. The comedy itself is great but you can never ascertain as to whether that is from them trying too hard or just saying eff it and not trying at all. Either way it works and so does this show.