Aug 12, 2017
fatboyftw (All reviews)
Fantastic Dialogue and moments hidden in a trashy Harem show.

This show confuses me. It presents itself as your stereotypical Harem and it does a fine job at that I guess, but certain episodes and moments prove that it could've been so much more. And that's where my frustration comes in. If every episode was like the Romantic story of episode 12 or the surprisingly insightful dialogue of episode 15 then this show could have easily gotten a 9 or maybe even a 10. But unfortunately outside of those few moments it's just a harem show with a somewhat unique supernatural twist. It's entertaining, with it's identifiable characters with fun quirks and dialogue but those moments of greatness that I mentioned earlier keep me from completely getting sucked into the trashy harem aspects because the show proves it could be so much better.

The shows biggest weakness is it's inability to decide if it wants to be a legitimately insightful show with fascinating dialogue or a harem show that appeals to Loli-cons. I'm sure a lot of people actually like this dissonance, but for me personally it just stops me from completely enjoying either aspect of the show.

Araragi is a legitimately fascinating (if sometimes reprehensible) exploration of the typical harem protagonist. You know, the one who helps every girl in his path and all the girls like him as a result. They don't do too much with him all things considered but they do enough to make him stand out more than a character of his archetype usually would.

Senjogahara is best girl, anyone who disagrees clearly has no taste. Much like Araragi she's a pretty stereotypical archetype, the Tsundere. But she's different enough to stand out a bit when compared to others. Also episode 12, that's all I'm gonna say.

Hanekawa is great too, especially since she opens the door for a lot of interesting discussions and explorations of Araragi's character in the last few episodes.

Like I said, there's a lot of good stuff hidden in this show. It's just a shame I have to get through the trashy lolicon scenes in order to get to them.