Aug 12, 2017
tsukarette_ (All reviews)
GOD ok this is my first time writing a review and I suck but here I go:

Expect literally nothing good from this show. Its got one line of dialogue total, no plot, random sound effects, and terrible cgi animation.

And I loved it.

The main reason I enjoyed this is because I have an awful sense of humor and like a good old fashioned bloodbath like any other edgy teen. It was absolutely hilarious to me but I know that overall its not a very good show.

I just can't believe it was aired on a children's station.

So, in summary, ask these 3 helpful questions before watching this:

Do you like completely unnecessary and over the top violence?
Do you want to watch a crusty 17-year-old furry repeatedly kill a dog-monster-thing?
Do you laugh at completely horrible things?

If you answered yes to these, watch it. If these questions seem completely awful and you are mildly concerned, don't watch it.

Also my friend said it was funnier when she was high, so give that a try.