Aug 12, 2017
BlueEclispe (All reviews)
This show is a clusterfuck of Stan Lee's favorite heroes. Therefore the story isn't that important but ill talk about it anyway. In this world a weird gas that resembles a nuclear fallout swept over the city and the people the people that survived the attack got super powers and are called the reflected. The story treats it kinda like X-men with the mutant powers thing. our main character is a girl that doesn't know how to control her powers and she goes to a hero in hopes to learn a little more a criminal plot unfolds around her. that's as much as I can say without spoiling too much. one more big thing is sometimes the writers will make jump-cut without enough explanation as to why and it takes you out the scene. They do it for a key point which is mostly why I'm mentioning otherwise I would give it a pass.

The art is drawn like a comic book which is very dangerous if not done correctly. this show fails to do it right of course. the animation is a little bottom of the barrel IMO as things are relatively lackluster in direction and choreography kinda like they are trying to play it safe. it comes out kinda janky and slow, it turns off most viewers.

The music is lacking, but not in quality, quantity. they abuse a song which is based out the 80's in combat and it gets old fast. there's a reason they use it so much and they mention why but that doesn't make any better the other songs are not going to stand out much when you hear them because your mind is stuck on this one.

The characters as straight out of stan's library. I mean every design can be connected to another hero in some shape or form and they don't even try to hide some of them by giving them similar names. I-Guy specifically (Iron man) has the same suit when it comes to powers and the design is similar to one from Tiger and Bunny one of the most if not the most popular anime in japan right now. we also have Exon how can copy peoples powers who uses a Spiderman like grappling hook or whatever you want to call it as well as the fact he looks a lot like Robin from teen titans and some other heroes. Those are the only heroes you need worry about for this story but there are others as well as villains which also have designs similar to other characters. our main character can teleport but they are inconsistent about the distance. it seems like they use the fact she can't control her powers more like a crutch for this more than story tool. she is a normal girl so ill give a pass on her design for now.

overall, Stan made a lot of dangerous calls on this and it didn't turn out well. if you love is old comics at least check it out otherwise stay far away from this. there are a lot of flaws you can pick out in this with little excuses for it. they try to write around the flaws and I commend them for that but that isn't enough to make a show go well with critics. even the best writers can't save a show like this in a mainstream audience. it has the makings for a cult classic tho. 3 or 4/10 for a critics review but i am enjoying it as I do like old comics and bump it up to a 5 or 6 because of the effort put it and how well the show handles itself despite its faults.