Aug 12, 2017
_Blase_ (All reviews)
Bakemonogatari is the story of a boy who solves supernatural mysteries while collecting girls to his harem. There are different arcs where he helps each of them and that's it. The characters all have a distinct personality, though they're not very original. The idea is that they're subverting the tropes associated with them at first, and it's a good idea. However, once there's barely any development aside from a certain character, it's hard to care for them unless you're already attracted to their traits. The conversations are tedious, full of meta-jokes that one may or may not find funny, and hardly do anything besides exposition. You may believe people can get along by acting randomly and spouting nonsense, I don't. The visual presentation is impressive and endlessly creative. The soundtrack is atmospheric and there are five openings, all of which are well crafted. It has style, but not much substance. It's funny to some, sexy to others, but neither engaging nor poignant to me.