Aug 6, 2017
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No subtitles used. There is some brief spoke vocals but it was meant as background noise.
art film

Going by the title name of the dream i would say this kind of works. Although, not a normal dream. More a dream brought on by illegal drugs.

-A collection of kid drawings constructed in a matter that they loop back to their original form. For example imagine you are looking at the thinker statue. If you adjusted his arms, legs, back and so forth you could have him laying down or standing up. Two different positions or portrayals. Now with the idea of 'looping' you see the back and forth position changes but the two different positions are really different from each other. Like saying a picture of a painting is going to morph into a dog catching a bone and vice versa.

-There was quite a bit of recycled art. Where you saw the same art used in different time positions of the movie.

-I like the idea of making it clear to the audience when the movie starts and ends by using the same art. However, there was one or two moments they trick you that it is over. That concept could be good if there was a purpose behind it but given lack of subtitles i don't know why it was done. Therefore i found it to be a pointless tease.

there was none. Yes, creatures were constructed but for me characters bring something to the show. Not just their appearance.