Aug 6, 2017
FiflyAnimeLover (All reviews)
Blame! is a great manga. It has a somewhat unique storytelling style. The show for it tried to replicate this in kind of the most bullshit manner, and the movie tried to avoid it in a somewhat unsatisfying way. I ended up watching a movie that was like your typical action thriller when the manga felt like so much more than that. It was nice, I'll admit, for some things to be explained because shit took forever to understand in the manga... but I don't know there was something about trying to figure it all out that was really fun about it as well. It's just disappointing when a story as extraordinary comes up with a plot that feels so bland. I mean... it's not like they were that far off from the plot of the manga, but the way they incorporated humans into the storyline (which the manga also had but only as a minor story arch) really changed the dynamic of the story. And it's cool that the mangaka was a part of the process, but it's also disappointing that this was the result. And, not gonna lie, I'm v dissapointed with the music. I wish they had like a more techy and grimey sound. It WAS cool seeing these cool characters on the big screen though :') I wanted to see more of the fights from the manga, but there were a few so that was nice.