Aug 4, 2017
ALongLostURT (All reviews)
Gone are the days of experts sitting on the sidelines discussing technique, strategy, and the characteristics of the road that Takemi is racing on. Gone is the under-dog feel. The Speed Stars side cast have been discarded for a bunch of guys who shop at hot topic and put more money into hair gel than they do car parts.

It's like someone took all the race theory that was great about the previous installments and threw them away; then took the story and put a bird on it. Holy Moley, I'm surprised they didn't put undercarriage neon lights and flashers on the AE-86 in the process of this anime.

And what the hell is up with Ryosuke's past? This is a complete character re-write. I hate how much they've fumbled the character development and interaction.

The art is the only saving grace, and even then it isn't as fun or exciting to watch the races as previous installments. This series should have ended with God-Hand and God-Foot being beaten by a younger generation of racers.