Aug 4, 2017
Dive!! (Anime) add (All reviews)
Anriee (All reviews)
Dive briefly revolves around the Mizuki Diving Club that is on the verge of enclose the activities for financial problems (nothing original). Soon, a new coach emerges convincing the club's sponsor company to keep it open on the condition that the club send one of its members to the upcoming Olympics.

Well, first of all, I did not expect much from Dive, because the synopsis seemed to be nothing authentic, but an anime focused on the female audience with the sport theme. The first few episodes just introduced the characters, nothing too much, but the presentation was made so poorly that I found all the characters (except the teacher) bad, bad developed and annoying.

The characters of Dive are clichés: the boy (Tomoki) who aims to win and be recognized by senpai, being that this is more a fanservice, served as a shipp. In addition, he treats his girlfriend badly as if she did something wrong and the script doesn´t explain the reason. In the end, I found the most stupid character (Tomoki). The senpai (Youchi) is the arrogant and cold boy, which made me angry, because is a stereotype much used in male sports. The weirdest thing is that the coolest and arrogant character (Youchi) is the most popular in the anime. The Shibuki is another character without charism that appeared in the second episode called by the teacher . I found forced his appearance and in my opinion it's just a way of serving as a fanservice. And finally, the best character, Asaki: different from many sports animes focused on the female audience, until I was admired by a strong female character and strong character rather than a silly and naive girl (as in the shoujos). Of course the female fanbase would never recognize a quality of Asaki, since what is important to them is the fanservice body male or fanservice yaoi / shounen-ai. Female characters not only in sports are always inferiorized and hated by them for no reason at all.

The opening and ending are generic, nothing too much. I'm not going to write much about the OSTs, since I found them poor and can´t see any quality on the soundtrack.

The animation is mediocre. The Studio Zero-G produced another sport anime, Battery and an anime ecchi, a new studio. However, in Dive there are many static frames and the characters have disproportionate bodies which makes the quality of the work obviously fall. Dive has a medium animation, but not so bad. The movement of bodies isn´t natural, but robotic.

As entertainment, Dive was ok. Dive is an anime to spend the time of the season. I dropped in episode 4, because I found it a waste of time and there are better animes like Ballroom & Youkoso, Princess Principal, Isekai Koshudou, Made in Abyss etc.

Entertainment ok or good doesn´t mean quality. Overall, the anime was bad within the proposal. I found few qualities and these few are overshadowed in the direction. The plot is superficial without any kind of character´s deepening and focus on the silly comedy or fanservice as in episode 4. I honestly wouldn´t recommend to be watched in a season, because there are far better works as I listed above.

Story: 5/10
Art: 6/10
Sound: 3/10
Character: 4.5/10
Enjoyment: 6/10
Overall: 4.5/10