Aug 2, 2017
Lawlz117 (All reviews)
Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Didn't need a damn sequel it should have been left as is. The sequel ruins all the characters and comes up with this stupid drama that falls into romance cliches and harem anime, it uses the classic Girl A loves Boy A and Girl B also likes Boy A.

Story: What the made the 1st season so interesting was the way it used 8th grade syndrome to actually be a coping method for the main girl because she went through something traumatic, the 2nd season completely ignores that goes straight for romance tropes and makes the story significantly less interesting. The 2nd season also falls under the same problems that season 1 had and it was basically the first 6 episodes felt like pure filler and comedy, this led to the first half being unbearable and annoying humor. There were parts that made me shout like a school girl because Yuuta and Rikka acuatlly did something and progressed their relationship. The story is a mess and felt unsatisfying (The ending is the worst part)

Art: It's Kyoto animation typical moe shots, but the show is pretty overall.

Sound: I don't really care about music but in a drama and romance anime music matters and I think that the soundtrack did a decent job.

Characters: Honestly I connected with most characters in the 1st season who had 8th grade syndrome because I know I used to parade around public wearing some cape or anything I remotely thought was cool and pretended to be my favorite superhero, which in my opinion is the reason Chuunibyou works so well is because it has relatable characters. Unfortunately the 2nd season kind of drops the whole syndrome thing and focuses on the romance between Yuuta and Rikka and that makes me infuriated because now I'm stuck watching two teenagers act all shy and confused for a whole 12 episodes and that's no fun what so ever. I also can't relate with anyone else anymore because their not the main focus and they don't have any good stories, like I'm stuck liking only Rikka and Yuuta because they've been developed and the viewer spends the most time with them and it's not like any other character stands out (I'm stuck with the napper, little kid who makes bad jokes, and the bitch who fights with the little girl for comedy)

Honestly Chuunibyou is a show I thoroughly enjoyed and I feel like the 2nd season ruined that for me, now I have to pretend season 2 never even existed. Also don't even get me started on that Saturn chick because she's just there to add some new drama and wish fulfillment. Maybe if the show actually made any real progress I could have given this a 7/10 but I'm stuck giving it a 6 just because I liked the 1st season and there scenes that made me jump off my bed with excitement and joy. I recommend everyone forgets this season existed and move on with their lives.