Aug 1, 2017
HereticHunter (All reviews)
If I knew that this anime were heading into a K-on route of nothingness I would have skipped this second season. is not that I dislike it, but it gets boring that at least from my side, we don't get what Initially was an interesting premise: girls programming games while having some comedy and references. in fact I felt it as misleading as K-on was, K-on looked like a music anime, but it turned into a Tea party fest with nothing actually happening but Cute girls doing Cute stuff. in this case, NewGame! got away from the programming side and went into the Cute girls doing Cute stuff Formula. at least, that's for the 4 episodes that have been released at the moment

Story 5/10:

At first, it looked like it would go on a serious route, the first 2 episodes went all in into their next project: deciding ideas for the plot, art, characters, etc. even having a clash between members making it look like possible rivals for efficiency. it looked quite good, but then what happened? we get back to the cute girls doing cute stuff with a bit of yuri-bait and 5% of actual plot progression. I had thoughts of how good was the change in Saekano Second Season when they were serious about making their visual novel and how the interactions were really important between each character in order to accomplish their main objective, sadly this doesn't happens here, or at least, not for now. I hope that the rest of this season doesn't turn out to be more of the same with no progression.

Art 7/10:

Aside of cute girls designs, I liked how the art of both games showed on this season look, they explained right how specs works when making a game and the physics of it, So I will give points for that. so far this is the only thing right on this second season

Sound 6/10:

Nothing really relevant to this point, soundtrack for comedic relief is okay overall

Character 5/10:

at first, it looked like the characters were going to have a nice development, for example the relation between Aoba and Yagami was interesting, since the character design team were having a clash on character design that made it look like an interesting rivalry between the Master and his pupil (ever heard of "The apprentice overcomes the teacher"? ) sadly that is thrown away when we got back into the "Cute girls doing cute stuff" plot, I hope that they don't turn this just "cute girls doing cute stuff" and kill the development by the end of the season

Enjoyment 7/10:

As I said above, is not like I dislike it, but it could have been better if they didn't go K-on all over again with doses of "cute girls doing cute stuff" (for fucks sake, how many times have I said that?) yet if that remains, I'm afraid that this season will be nothing new in comparison of the first season.

Overall 6/10:

if you are willing to watch cute girls doing cute stuff, keep watching, but if you were expecting more plot, this second season just doesn't deliver, at least not yet