Jul 31, 2017
evolvingweeb (All reviews)
New Game!! is the definition of an anime knowing what it is, and executing it perfectly. It's 'cute girls doing cute things' done fantastically with great characters, and I really do adore it. Season 1 was great, and this season is shaping up to be even better!

After accomplishing her dream and becoming a game developer in the first season, this season continues on with Aoba's adventures with her fellow coworkers.

This anime does get serious at times, but it always keeps that saccharine sweet, warm feeling to it that makes whoever's watching it feel light. The animation is really, really nice and fluid and the art is gorgeous. Every character design feels unique and looks great.

There's also tons, and I mean tons, of yuri moments. Some of them are indisputably romantic (Rin's obvious crush on Ko being an example.) while others aren't confirmed, but still definitely there, so if that's your thing (it definitely is mine ;D) then you're in luck!

Overall, New game!! is a series to watch to de-stress and grin like a dope at your screen while you do so, because it's just that cute. This season is shaping up to be even better than the first, and I eagerly await the next episode! 9/10.