Jul 30, 2017
Bananya (Anime) add (All reviews)
Rimoldi98 (All reviews)
What could I say about this masterpiece that hasn't been said yet?
Some shows are just too good for the human race to apreciate, with that said, bananya is something else than an anime, to the point of being an experience, something you'll only live once in your life, something beatyfull and outstanding.

Story- 10/10: Every episode tells a different story about bananya's crew, focusing in one of the few characters.

Art- 10/10: Animation and art in general is incredibly high quality.

Sound- 10/10: All things related to sound, that being, voice acting, sound track and everything else passes the feeling of awesomeness.

Character- 10/10: Character development is outstanding in the show, something other anime could learn from.

Enjoyment- 10/10: It's impossible to watch bananya without a smile in your face, it's almost a magic feeling.

Overall- 10/10: In the end, bananya is not an anime, bananya is the most incredible experience you'll ever have in your entire life.