Jul 30, 2017
Sonal1988 (All reviews)
Jackass is a terribly cute manga. I'll keep my review short and sweet because writing too much about it will be giving away spoilers, and I don't want that.

I'll begin by applauding how well the mangaka handled the 'I'm gay but I didn't know I was gay till something happened to me'. It was completely natural and progressed in an organic succession; both the parties involved behaved in a manner that would be typical of people in their position, esp the MC. I also loved how the fetish angle was added to the entire drama - this was a first for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

It was also interesting to note how 3 different stories were told in 7 chapters. The bully's story was especially interesting (at least for me). All in all, if you're looking for something light, fun and completely kawaii to read (with very few sex scenes), I'd highly recommend this manga!

The only issue I had with this was the way a sexual relationship was handled between a 15 yr old child and a middle aged man. I mean, if the seme was 18-20, I'd have been more forgiving bc of the small age gap between them, but 20 years is too big an age gap for me to look past.