Jul 30, 2017
Sonal1988 (All reviews)
*cracks knuckles*
Alright, time to whoop some ass. I’ll begin by asking one Q: why do guys even bother watching shows that aren’t meant for them, just so that they can whine about how ‘bad’ they are and bring down the entire show’s average rating? I’ll tell you why – because nothing else makes them feel better than to trash something that clearly isn’t made to cater to *their* liking!

Anyway, coming to my review. The anime was pretty good, considering it didn’t have a big budget OR that many hours dedicated to it. Lemme break it down for those of you still reading my review:

Story: 8/10
Why an 8? Because despite what everybody here is saying about the story being boring and predictable, I did not find it so. There were little twists and turns that constantly managed to surprise me, especially seeing how this anime was adapted from an otome game

Sound: 9/10
The OP took me completely by surprise, because it was way too heavy for a traditionally female fanbase, and I suppose that made me like it even more! It’s the same for the ED!

Animation: 8/10
Again, considering the budget restraints this anime had, I was very happy with the quality of animation they presented, especially when the fight scenes came over. I expected them to be choppy and clunky, but nope! They were pretty seamless.

Characters: 7/10
Ah, when an anime is 6 minutes long (excluding the OP and ED), you really can’t expect much character development, can you? With the introduction of every new character, their personality was made crystal clear, and if you ask me, that’s a hella difficult job. Sure, they do fit in your typical anime stereotypes (the pretty idol, the tsundere, the protective one and the loner), but then again – this anime doesn’t have the luxury of delving into deep character developments because of its severe time constraints. So, no complaints from me!

This was a reverse harem, so my hopes weren’t very high. Because we all know how the female leads are – stupid and completely clueless of people’s feelings for her. But not here. Because for starters, nobody liked her (except the idol star) – they all treated her as a friend, and she had more than one occasion to showcase how strong she was – both emotionally and physically. She did not need any boy to save her. If at all, she was the one saving people’s asses and I simply LOVED that in this anime. If this is how modern reverse harems are gonna be, bring ‘em on!