Jul 28, 2017
Mezo-RPWPA (All reviews)
I wrote a review about season 1 and it will be kinda relevant to this one so it would be better to read it before this one, also SPOILER ALERT.

It's rare to find a sequel to an anime which is the same level as the first season, most of the sequels are way worse like Darker Than Black and Aldnoah.Zero or just not as good like Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru and Black Lagoon and because of that I was very surprised by how good this sequel was compared to the first one.
In this review I will talk only about the characters just like I did in the previous one because they are pretty much the deciding part so i'll start by saying that the characters in the 2nd season were way more interesting, for example:

Hotaru turned from a character that only love Komari and nothing else to a better version of that, you could see that her personality was more fitting this time and she was kind and caring to almost everyone not just Komari, you could also see how she cares about other stuff too like anime and flowers which was very different compared to the first season, yeah she still has that weird way of thinking about Komari which I hope stays as a love for cute things and not anything else but other than it was actually nice to see her in the anime unlike the first season, but what really bothers me is that we never get to see her childish side other than that one time at the end of episode 11 and she was very adorable then, it would have been better if that was her main personality tbh.

Komari was the same tbh which was a bit disappointing considering how good Hotaru changed from the previous season, she only had 1 mature scene when she and Hotaru got lost but other than that she was still childish with very little semi-mature moments that fit her age a little but I guess I got used to her so it wasn't that bad when she was on-screen.

The borther who finally got recognized as a character, after the first season of him almost not existing he finally got screen time and it sure was worth it, his scenes were interesting and it was nice seeing him do his stuff even if he wasn't speaking at all.

Natsumi was a lot better this season with probably one of the sweetest moments of the season when she helped renge by keeping the fish tank and cleaning it without the other one knowing out of concern for her, she was very lovely this season.

Renge still cute and probably the best character but there is something weird when it comes to her, almost all bad things happen to renge and I don't really know why? in the first season her friend left in probably the most depressing episode in that season and this season her pets die and she gets sick! why does that only happen to her I will never know.

Kaede is probably now my favorite character over renger because she is just way too good of a character, watching what she does and how she acts with everyone specially renge and the time she took care of her during the bicycle training and when renge was sick made her my favorite tbh, so caring and sweet at the same time, perfect Waifu and real-life Wife material.

The rest of the characters were very nice as well with some of the side characters getting more time like Hikage, Kazuho, Konomi and the 2 mothers which was very nice to see.

Overall: I really enjoyed it so 9/10.
Would definitely recommend it.