Jul 28, 2017
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I trudged through 4 episodes of this anime just so that I could write this review. Y’all better upvote my review so that I’ll know that those 80 minutes of my life weren’t a COMPLETE waste.

Basically, Dive is what you get if Haikyuu and Free had an illegitimate child – with none of the good looks or character development of Free, nor the long drawn technical jargon or complicated strategies of Haikyuu. Granted, that’s being a little tough on the anime, seeing how only four episodes have aired, but, come on! That’s a quarter of the show right there. You can *tell* that this anime is gonna be another cliché fest and has been released only to satiate the eyes of fans. Why do I say that? Because of the cliché story, cliché characters and mediocre animation. Don’t believe me? Well –

The Mizuki Diving Club isn’t doing too well (Haikyuu) and is on the verge of shutting down (or so the students thought) when suddenly, this gorgeous hard ass of a lady, Asaki (similar to that one girl from Haikyuu with that typical shounen female strength and no character development) shows up as the knight in shining armour, promising to take the MDC boys to the Tokyo Olympics (Free). We have the star of the MDC, the tsundere Yoichi (who totes looks like Sugawara and is definitely gonna be the most popular guy from the series), the wide-eyed-tsundere-worshipping MC who suspiciously has the same eye and hair color as Haru (from Free), the bumbling manager (seriously, every sports anime is incomplete without one) and the side characters (who are there just for comic relief). In the second ep, we are introduced to a super a ripped dude (who could easily be 25) who previously dove only in the ocean but is now ‘forced’ to compete on a national level (again, Haru much?). So the Suga look alike tsundere and similar to Haru but 25 yrs older super tsundere have a problem with each other, but we don’t know why that is. Bc what’s better for fangirls and boys than two ‘hot’ dudes having it out for each other? SMH.

I also love how Asaki (the female coach) has huge breasts and wears shirts to school that are buttoned right from the point her cleavage ends…. because this is EXACTLY the kinda stuff a largely female fanbase is thirsty to see. WTF??? And my God, if this is how ‘good’ voice actors are, I’m glad I stick to dubs. Especially seeing how annoyingly high pitched every female is until and unless she’s portrayed as someone serious or someone who should not be messed with. A+ to the realistic depiction of girl/women’s voices.

The anime comes from Zero-G, an unheard of studio, and I’m not surprised they chose a sports anime as their ‘breakout’ anime. After all, such anime are unanimously popular among their fan bases. However, I have to say that even though I did not have very high expectations from this anime, its art was a complete disappointment. I wouldn’t give it more than a 5. Granted that Zero-G is a new studio that may not have a budget as big as KyoAni (remember Free’s gorgeous animation?), but guys, if you wanna stand out, being mediocre is not the way to go.

The biggest grudge I have from the anime, apart from its art style and completely cliché existence, is its body proportions. They are way off. The heads of all the boys in the MDC are too big for their bodies. Plus, how many 15 year olds can really have such rock hard abs? I know I’m not an expert in swimmers’ bodies, but come on! And then, there’s the fact that their bodies are SO well developed, but their faces are all baby faced…. I mean, when you have such a dazzling body, your face automatically loses all the baby fat and becomes sharper. But, nope! Plus, their teensy weensy swimming suits made me uncomfortable – I mean, why couldn’t they cover up their asses just like the Free guys did with theirs? In fact, Rin, Sousuke, Haru and Mako (the most popular guys from the series) had pretty much their entire thighs covered when they wore their swimsuits. But of course, I know this is a personal preference and a lot of the fans of the show wouldn’t want the Dive boys to wear anything longer, which is understandable. I’m just ranting here. Anyway, getting to the positive points – the 4th ep was by far the best ep out of all the ones that aired. However, by that time I’d lost interest in the anime. This anime simply has nothing new to offer. I’d have appreciated good visuals to compensate for the lack of a genuine plot or even characters, but ah, I was hoping for too much.

The OP and ED are generic, the use of CGI was minimal, and the art is reminiscent of the early 2000s shounen/comedy anime. This anime was hyped up a lot, especially among the fans of the sports anime genre, and for those looking for nothing but fan service, you’ll be satisfied. But if you’re looking for something more, look elsewhere. The reason I gave it a 6 and not a 5 (which is my score for a mediocre anime) is because I’m glad more and more studios are creating content aimed at a largely female audience. This is definitely a step forward.

*Minor spoilers*
Side note: I think this is the first sports anime that I’ve seen where the MC accepts and then rejects a girl’s proposal. Hahahahaha. And we all know why that is, don’t we?