Jul 28, 2017
Berzerkie (All reviews)
Okay so this is going to be my first ever review on an anime other than just telling my friends about it. Wanted to write it because I pretty much like this anime a lot so far this season. Here we go then..

Story: As for the story, its a slice of life anime, with the sub genre romance... (Still dont know why its not just romance but okay). It focusses mainly on 2 couples (Mashiki and Haruki, Towa and Class rep). But ofcourse there's several other couples. Its slow paced, yet is enjoys me every week. 8/10

Characters: Personally like the characters, not all of them are overexicted high schoolers who just think about OPPAI and stuff. We pretty much see how the characters develop, and to me, they are doing a great job so far at it. 8/10

Sound: Love the opening song! Other than the opening, it has the right soundtracks for the right moments. Wont complain about it, also cant give much credit to it. It just fits well. 7/10

Art: Okay so this is the only thing that I dont really like about the anime. And as for episode 4, I have a feeling that the animation dropped aswell... But okay, its not that bad, I've seen worse. 6/10

Enjoyment: So basically, I am patient romance lover, so I really like this one. Yes it can be boring for the ones who arent patient. But the cute moments in this anime get met excited for every next episode, since the romance is blooming between the couples. 8/10

Overall: Its a good slice of life/romance anime. Like it gives me Tsuki ga Kirei feels, just be patient and then feel great about having watched all these episodes. For people who like slow paced slice of life/romances, I definitly recommend it. If you are not really into that. Then nvm. 8/10

So this was my first review. Thanks for reading it I guess, and if you dont like anything I said, or if you do like it. Make sure to comment on my profile. I would like to improve on these things!